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"Bona Fide" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake (Year 2018, Mount Bu Lang, Yunnan)

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Pu-erh Tea Cake

Harvest: 2018, Mount Bu Lang, Xi Shuang Ban Na, Yunnan

Dry leaves: A thick round cake with fleshy leaves and golden of buds, Guangdong dry storage

Tasting Note: 

Dark Reddish brown liquor, thick, full, smooth, yet soft and sweet in the mouth. A great everyday tea.


Net Weight: 375g

Notes from our Chief Tea Officer:

Fermented with traditional technique, and local spring water (Bai Sha Xie Spring 白沙蟹泉). The "Bona Fide" cake is true to its name, it gives pure, full, rich, honest ripe pu-erh flavours, there is nothing pretentious about this tea, both its quality, and its price!

For raw pu-erh of the same area and vintage, try First Joy raw pu-erh cake year 2018 (400g).


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