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South Yarra Loose leaf tea shop displaying Gaiwan, Fairness cup, and chinese tea cups

Our Story

A loose leaf tea shop in a coffee city...

When we first opened our door inside Prahran Market, we faced (and still do face) many doubts and questions. Why an artisan Chinese tea shop in the middle of a coffee city, where majority of the tea drinkers prefer simple black tea in a tea bag?

Best Natural Tea

Serving a Niche Market...

We understand our challenges, but we will not forget why we started: the simple wish to share good tea with more people. Be that a tea enthusiast, or a coffee lover having an occasional cuppa.

In "A Leaf Story", we pride ourselves being the Chinese tea specialist for oolong and puerh (茶). We also offer Japanese お茶, European tisanes, and Indian Masala Chai! Our range share one commonality, they are all loose leaves. Because quality tea starts with loose leaves.

Reaching out to more tea lovers!

We are expanding online to serve tea lovers nationwide (maybe even globally)!

If you are ever in town, please drop in to visit. Our tea tray is always ready for a good brew, for friends near and far :) !

If not, we are strengthen our online presence to provide tea history, brewing techniques, and many more. We are grateful to be in the business of tea. Because tea lovers are simply awesome people!

Get in touch!

Drop us a line...

Feedback, suggestions, comments or collaboration... We are all ears!

Life is like a cup of tea, it's all in how you make it!

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