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Phoenix Oolong Duck Sh!t (Ya Shi Xiang Dan Cong)

About Phoenix Oolong

Mount Phoenix, a steep mountain located close to the southern coastal line of China. It is not only home to the high fragrance single bush oolong (dancong), but also the birthplace of "gongfucha", a traditional brewing method using one gaiwan and three teacups (regardless the number of guests!). There are more than 70 varietals of dan cong, which then group into 12 categories according to their fragrance. After visiting the area, we decided to use honey orchid oolong, to represent this area.


About Duck Sh!t

Also call silver flowe (银花香), this duck shit uses spring harvested maocha from 600 meters altitude. It went thought A light oxidization, which resembles a green tea with lower astringency and higher fragrance



Mount Phoenix, Chaoan county, Chaozhou, Canton


Tasting Note

Light copper colour liquor with a shine. High flower note on the nose, interesting and quickly fading astringence, leaving a ripe pear taste on the cheeks and at the back of the throat. We recommend a comparable tasting with our Honey Orchid, which come from the same region but a heavier oxidation.


Brewing Recommendation:

Small pot/gaiwan, 100 °C, 30 second steeping. 4 plus infusions.


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