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"Elephant Hill" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake (Year 2007, Menghai, Yunnan)

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Pu-erh Cake

Harvest: 2007, Menghai, Yunnan

Dry leaves: A thick, evenly pressed round cake, fleshy and soft leaves, good amount of buds, Guangdong dry storage

Tasting Note: Brownish red liquor, smooth and juicy palate, good fragrance developed from aging


Net Weight: 100g


Notes from our Chief Tea Officer:

This is a great find by David (our sourcing officer in China), as we rarely see aged ripe pu-erh cakes (shou pu-erh) of this size (100g). Elephant Hill is actually the name of the tea factory, it is known to make authentic "Menghai taste" (勐海味) pu-erh.

Elephant Hill has a slight rice like fragrance, combines with the thick and smooth mouth feel. Its Cha Qi is calm and warming, makes it a great evening tea for the colder months.

For raw pu-erh tea of the same area and vintage, try Red Rhythm 100g cake year 2007.


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