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Teas, trees and tinsel: a festive gift guide for tea drinkers

Teas, trees and tinsel: a festive gift guide for tea drinkers

by Kaishan Mellis December 11, 2018 1 Comment

Teas, trees and tinsel: a festive gift guide for tea drinkers


Looking for a gift for a self-claimed tea lover? Or looking to treat yourself in the holiday season? Tea drinkers of all types deserve a festive Christmas treat! Whether it's for a tea beginner or a tea connoisseur, our tea gift guide has you covered.

I like tea!

For those who are moving away from English Breakfast and Chamomile, and keen to explore new tea varieties. We recommend teas that are pleasing in the palate, fragrant to the nose, and beautiful to look at!

French Earl Grey

Try French Earl Grey A twist on the English classic combines refreshing bergamot with the sweetness of rose, sunflowers and hibiscus. It’s a colourful blend, aesthetically pleasing as well as delicious.

There is also Jasmine Buddhas Tears, a hand-rolled little balls of green tea, which unfurls to release a heavenly jasmine scent when infused. A perfect  tea for summer days and a treat to savour both hot or cold!

Or impressed your beloved with the hand-crafted Blooming TeaThese are jasmine green tea stuffed with dehydrated flowers. When brew with hot water in a glass teapot, it will perform a slow dance of blooming. Each bloom is an entrancing surprise to enjoy with the eyes before taking a sip!

As for tea accessories, why not start with a simple stainless steel basket infuser? Fit any cup and easy to clean, this basket infuser is good for teas of any style, be that a flavoured black tea or a traditional oolong.


I Love Tea!

For those who are ready to explore exotic tea varieties that are hard to pronounce, and getting particular with their brewing techniques. We recommend the following:


Often known as the gateway tea to oolong, Libertea's Osmanthus Oolong is a medium-bodied Taiwanese oolong blended with the delicately sweet yellow petal flower called osmanthus. This tea can be steeped up to 4 infusions, rewarding tea-lovers with a high fragrance liquor on each infusion.

Want to try a Chinese green that is not jasmine? How about an authentic Chinese green of 1,000 hundred years of history, Jade spiral? Also known as bi luo chun, this green tea has an exquisite edamame taste that needs a little care to extract, brew with 80 degree water for 30 to 60 seconds for a perfect sip! (up to 3 infusions)

Looking for a night-time option? How about a low caffeine Japanese green tea Houjicha? This is roasted tea that is toasty, with a high sweet note. It's also appealing to coffee drinkers with its roast profile. Delicious on its own and also as a latte!

As for tea accessories, consider buying a Chinese "gongfu" brewing set. Chinese brewing method allows you to make multiple infusions with the same tea leaves, and to create a thicker body in the tea liquor. (Available at our Melbourne store at Prahran Market, South Yarra).


I Am Addicted to Tea!

What to buy a tea lover with an expansive and still growing collection of tea and teawares? Read on!

Tangerine PuerhBig Red RobeYunnan

Delight your tea addict with Tangerine Puerh! A relatively new invention in the Chinese tea world. Using a whole dried tangerine peel as a container for the fermented puerh tea, this tea is earthy, dark and smooth, with a citrus fruity top note. Something different for those who already have a puerh habit.

For seasoned oolong lovers, try Big Red Robe. Also known as Da Hong Pao, it's the most sought after rock tea from the extinct volcano, Wuyi Mountain. This tea is light roasted by hand over pinewood, has a pleasant smokiness, good bodied with high minerals, and a hint of light fruitiness.

You can also surprise your tea addict with a new brewing technique! Try Yunnan Cold Brew, grown above 1,200 meters altitude, specially blend for cold extraction. Just add tap water and wait for 15 minutes, you will be rewarded with a fragrant refreshing tea of a sweet honey note. Perfect for those who love teas but are on the road!

As for tea accessories, we recommend this handsome compact traveling set packs down to the size of a standard mug but cleverly contains a teapot, a fairness pitcher and two cups to share tea with the friends. Your favourite wanderer can finally make a proper brew on the go, wherever they journey...

Feel free to contact our Chief Tea Officer in regards to your tea questions by emailing! Or pop into our Prahran Market store to say hi:)


Kaishan Mellis
Kaishan Mellis


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