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Osmanthus Oolong (Gui Hua Oolong)

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A fragrant blend of sweet osmanthus (a yellow pedal flower native in Southeast Asia) and a medium bodied Taiwanese Oolong known as Emerald Jade (Cui Yu).


About Emerald Jade Oolong

Harvested in Mount Dong Ding around 500 meters altitude in 2019. Processed with medium oxidization, and low fire roasting. Emerald Jade has creamy palate similiar to Jin Xuan.


About Osmanthus

Harvest in Guangxi province, sweet osmanthus is commonly used to enhance the fragrance of oolong tea from lower altitude. Some would even use it for cakes, lollies and rice wine due to its long lasting peachy fragrance.

Sweet Osmanthus is also commonly used in Chinese medicine for cough and toothache



Taiwan and Guangxi, China


Taste Note:

Pale honey colour liquor.  Floral peachy on the nose. Light to medium bodied, refreshing, honeysuckle on the palate, with lingering sweetness.


Brewing Recommendation:

100 °C with 45 seconds steeping. 4 plus infusions.

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