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Yunnan Puerh Tasting Pack (5 Puerh x 20g)

Size Guide

This is a 100g tasting pack includes of 5 puerh range from sheng and shou, young and old, single origin and blended, from various area in Yunnan. Each puerh consists of 4 serve of 5g. A total of 20 serve, just enough for a month, one brew for each working day!

1. First Joy - 2018 Blended Sheng Cake, Menghai (20g)

Light honey liquid, distinct but balanced bitterness that does not linger. High fragrance after swallow.


2. Bona Fide - 2018 Blended Shou Cake, Menghai (20g)

Dark Reddish brown liquor, thick, full, smooth, yet soft and sweet in the mouth. A great everyday tea.

3. Red Rhythm - 2007 Blended Sheng Cake, Lincang (20g)

Light honey colour liquor. Slightly ashy on the nose. Light on the palate at its early infusions, with a long and stimulating taste after swallow. Good "returned sweetness" (hui gan), keep giving on its later infusions. A tea we recommend for seasoned oolong lovers.

4. Nan Nuo Shan - 2011 Single Origin Sheng Cake, Mount Nan Nuo (20g)

Copper tinted yellowish liquor; soft, fleeting bitterness with a sweet finish; 

5. H19203 - 2020 Blended Shou Loose Leaves. Xishuangbanna (20g)

Dark reddish brown liquor. Smooth, deep earthiness, no astringency.

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