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My Focus Tea (60g)

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A well-being blend of herbal ingredients, hand blended by Melbourne based certified herbalist. Can assist memory, general focus and clarity

**60 grams should be enough for 1 cup a day for 30 days


INGREDIENTS: (sourced both locally and globally, blended in Melbourne)

Rosemary: Assists with memory loss, aids in memory recall and strengthens eye sight.

Peppermint: Helps alleviate headaches, clarity and awareness.

Basil: Assists in clearing headaches.              

Gotu Kola: Assists in skin conditions, helps poor memory, strengthens the digestive system. Revitalizes nerve and brain cells, promoting calmness, clarity, longevity, as it energizes the body. A rejuvenation herb.     

Blueberries: Antioxidant, Vitamin C. Neutralizes free radicals.          

Ashwagandha Root: Promotes graceful aging. Mood booster and memory support.


Brewing Recommendations:

100 degree water, 1 teaspoon, 5 minutes steeping. Once a day for 30 days for the best result.


**This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease

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