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Mount Ali Dew Drop (Alishan Oolong, Taiwan)

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About Mount Ali

In the tea world, Mount Ali is a trade mark for high altitude tea plantation, ranges from 1,300 to 1,600. Tea plants here enjoy much cooler climate, hence with a slower and gentle growth, which tends to develop an unique light sweetness which the locals describe as a sugar cane taste.


About Our Dew Drop Oolong

The dew drop oolong we selected for you is handpicked above 1,500 meters altitude, has a light to medium oxidization, then roasted over low fire so as not to overkill a lot of the complex frontal notes. Despite the light processing, the body of the dew drop is rich, full, with a strong note of nori (Japanese dried seaweed), and of course, the signature alishan sweetness.

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Mount Ali, Chiayi, Taiwan


Taste Note:

Chartreuse yellow colour liquor. Malty sweet on the nose. Rich on the palate from start to finish. Strong note of nori and forest green, lovely lasting sweetness. An tea we recommend for tea ritual or brewing with friends, as it lasts many infusions.


Brewing Recommendation:

Small pot/gaiwan, 100 °C, 30 second steeping. 5 plus infusions.


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