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Frozen Summit (Dong Ding Oolong, Taiwan)

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About Mount Dong Ding

Mount Dong Ding, loosely translated to Frozen Summit, is located in the Nantou County of central Taiwan. Ideal for growing oolong thanks to the gentle morning sun, follows by misty afteroon.


About Frozen Summit Oolong

Our selection of frozen summit is harvested above 600 meter altitude, medium oxidized and heavily roasted with charcoal. The processing had helped to develop a dark, ripe fruit profile and a slight smokiness, but at the same time remain clean and smooth on the palate.

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Mount Frozen Summit, Nantou, Taiwan


Taste Note:

Dark honey colour liquor. Malty and slightly ashy on the nose. Light on the palate at its early infusions, with a long and stimulating taste after swallow. Good "returned sweetness" (hui gan), keep giving on its later infusions. A tea we recommend for seasoned oolong lovers.


Brewing Recommendation:

Small pot/gaiwan, 100 °C, 30 second steeping. 5 plus infusions.


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