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Chinese Oolong Tasting Pack (5 oolong x 20g)

Size Guide

This is a 100g tasting pack includes of 5 signature oolongs from four renowned oolong producing regions. Each oolong consists of 4 serve of 5g. A total of 20 serve enough for a month, one brew for each working day!

1. Honey Orchid Dancong - Phoenix Oolong, Guangdong (20g)

Light copper colour liquor with a shine. High note of orchid on the nose, interesting and quickly fading astringent, leaving a ripe pear taste on the cheeks and at the back of the throat.

2. Iron Goddess - Semi Ball Oolong, Southern Fujian (20g)

Pale honey colour liquid. Light bodied, refreshing, floral, grassy and slightly vegetal on the nose. Smooth, honeysuckle note on the palate, with lingering sweetness.

3. Mount Dong Ding - Ball Oolong, Taiwan (20g)

Light honey colour liquor. Slightly ashy on the nose. Light on the palate at its early infusions, with a long and stimulating taste after swallow. Good "returned sweetness" (hui gan), keep giving on its later infusions. A tea we recommend for seasoned oolong lovers.

4. Mount Ali - Ball Oolong, Taiwan (20g)

Chartreuse yellow colour liquor. Malty sweet on the nose. Rich on the palate from start to finish. Strong note of nori and forest green, lovely lasting sweetness. An tea we recommend for tea ritual or brewing with friends, as it lasts many infusions.

5. Scarlet Robe - Rock Oolong, Northen Fujian (20g)

Our Scarlet robe is a blend of three rock tea cultivars: Qi Lan, Rou Gui, and Shui Xian. As each cultivars has its unique characteristics, just like blending different grapes for wine, the aim is to achieve a balanced and complementing taste and body.

This scarlet robe is heavily oxidised, medium roasted, with a floral frontal note and a lingering fruitiness on the palate.

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