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BrewIN x Nomad Workshop Tea Samples

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This is the page to purchase tea samples for the following BrewIN x Nomad workshops (click workshop titles for actual events):

1. Finding Flavours by Cheryl Teo (from Flag & Spear)

      Workshop parcel includes:

  • Australian Shincha (Victoria)
  • Indian Black Tea (Assam)
  • Jelly Beans (for flavour experiment)
  • PowerPoint Print Out
  • Brewing Instruction

2. Tea Mixology by Thibaut Chuzeville (from Yugen Tea Bar)

      Workshop parcel includes:

  • Cola Shou Puerh (Yunnan)
  • Guifei Oolong (Taiwan)
  • PowerPoint Print Out
  • Cocktail Recipes

3. Visiting Kyoto Tea Farm by George Guttridge-Smith (from Obubu Tea Farm)

     Workshop parcel includes:

  • Sencha of Spring Sun (Kyoto)
  • Yanagi Bancha (Kyoto)
  • PowerPoint Print Out
  • Farmer Tea Descriptions for both teas

4. Visiting Yunnan Tea Region by Jinghong Zhang (Author of Puer Tea: Ancient Caravans and Urban Chic and Xinyu Rong (Author of Tea Nation)

      Workshop Parcel includes:

  • Moonlight White  (Yunnan)
  • High Mountain Black (Yunnan)
  • 1 x handprinted puerh tea cup


Terms and Conditions:

1. Samples are limited to 40 participants per workshops, on and offline.

2. Samples are not available without a valid workshop ticket.

3. All workshops are to be viewed within a week after receiving your samples

4. If you are attending Nomad Tea Festival in person, you are able to pick up the workshop parcels on August 6th, Saturday, at Loop Bar, Melbourne. Check out Nomad Tea Festival for more details 

5. Worldwide Shipping available, please do not use PO box or parcel locker.

**BrewIN x Nomad is a collaboration in 2022 to release tea master classes pre-recorded in 2021 (workshops not released due to BrewIN Facebook being hacked). We thank all our speakers, and Nomad's organizer Soo Chung, for helping us to finally bringing these amazing content to the public! For any questions and inquiries, please contact Kaishan through**

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