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All You Need To Know About Dragonwell Tea (Online Workshop)

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  • What is this legendary Chinese green tea that is so sought after?
  • How do you identify authentic Longjing Cha (Dragonwell Tea) from its imitations?
  • What are the optimal brewing methods?
  • I paid good money for my dragonwell, how do I store them properly?

In this workshop, we will tell you all you need to know about dragonwell tea! Demonstrate two brewing methods with different teawares; and walk you through basic brewing principles for all Chinese green teas. 


When: Saturday April 10th, 11:00 to 12:30 (1 hour presentation + 30 mins Q&A

Where: Google Meet (a link will be sent to your email after you registration)

How: We are offering two ways to participate in our workshop.

          a. Workshop only

          b. Workshop and two samples (3g each) of authentic 2021 first harvest dragonwell

Tea samples will be posted with registered mail. All samples will be sent out by 1st April to ensure you can have a full experience of our workshop. There are only 6 sets of samples available! Don't miss out:)

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