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2022 First Flush Dragonwell Meijiawu

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雨前龙井 (Long Jing before Rain)

First harvest of the year, limited supply!


There is only limited supply due to the short harvest window. Most of these precious batch are pre-ordered by tea collectors before spring. 

This year’s Longjing offer, A Leaf Story decided to get our hands on the “Ferrari in tea”. An old bush cultivar dragonwell from Meijiawu, west lake region. Meijiawu has 600 years of tea harvesting history. Hence why the varietal is called old bush 

Old bush varietal, comparing to dragonwell 43, is typically not as pretty in the dry leaves, but has a better and better lasting mouth feel. It’s renowned for its larger leaves and an unique orchid and soybean fragrance.

Dragonwell green tea is one of the most well known Chinese tea there is. And the first flush dragonwell before rain (as moisture affect the quality of the leaves) is the most sort after artisan tea in the market.

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