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Matcha Starter Kit

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Ceremonial Matcha

In this kit you will find:

1 x handmade, 100 bristles, bamboo whisk

1 x handmade, bamboo scoop

1 x HANAE ceremonial grade matcha (30g); product of Uji Japan

Harvest: First flush, shade-grown for 20 days

Taste Note: rich and silky liquor with a good balance of sweetness/light astringency, subtle floral notes, light Umami and a pleasant silky mouthfeel.

Importer: Zen Wonders

Matcha recommended for:

  • Usucha (traditional whisked tea)
  • Cold Brew Matcha
  • High-grade Matcha Latte

 Storage: Seal package immediately after use and store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight, moisture, and strong odours.

For culinary grade matcha, please follow this link


Free Shipping for orders over $100

* Matcha bowl not included*

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