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"Red Rhythm" Raw Pu-erh Cake (Year 2007, Lincang Yunnan)

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Pu-erh Cake

Harvest: 2007 Lincang, Yunnan

Dry leaves: sturdy leaves with golden tea buds, tight dark cake with a greenish undertone, Guangdong dry storage

Liquor: Clear honey colour with a good shine 

Tasting Note: long frontal floral note, juicy on the palate, mild bitterness that fades quickly after swallowing, stimulating cha qi, adequate returned sweetness. 

Net Weight: 100g


Notes from our Chief Tea Officer:

This is an unique Lincang pu-erh cake, with a strong and stimulating flavour profile due to the heavy rubbing in the crafting process. The leaves are also slightly cut, so as to release more effective ingredients when brewed. After aging for 10 plus years, the attributes of this cake are getting more stable and started to shine through. From a collector's point of view, another 3 years in the right storage, this tea shall start to mellow. For someone who would just like to appreciate it as is, its contrasting characters in the soft and sweet fragrance, and the strong and stimulating taste is very pleasing as an everyday tea.

For raw pu-erh of the same area and vintage, try First Joy pu-erh cake year 2018.


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